So you wanna Renovate?

When we first moved here in June of 2010, this is what we saw. But we could also see something else, ---------in our minds. The old roof was rusted and needed a facelift. The cheapest way at the time was to spray paint. The inside was priority to us. Looking a lot better to the eye but still an old barn. Look -- we had a choice. Tear it down and start over or leave it standing. The foundation was solid as was the structure itself, so we left it alone. Much thought and many sleepless nights went into this thinking pattern. We felt we had a responsibility to this elderly fellow who built this old barn. He was proud of it and we didn't want to reduce that pride in any way. As weeks went by, our

Major 2015 Update

Getting running hot water to The Pussycat Hotel was no easy feat. In 2014, the pipes and hoses were connected and we had running water. However, the winter of 2014-2015 was one of the coldest on record and freezing of those pipes became a serious issue. The summer months gave us time to dig under the foundation, insulate and connect new hoses from the main house. A runoff was provided on the east side of the building for the sink to drain. We always had water leading up to the old barn but never an inside connection for hot running water. Those days are over and another major update has been completed. What this does gives us the capability to wash dishes inside the hotel, provide a refriger


Our website has been redesigned and brought into line with modern day standards with a cleaner, easier to navigate appearance. STRAY CATS: Over the years, we've taken in over 20 stray cats and have found homes for all but one. Nipper still remains with us. As of this year 2020, Nipper has found a new home as well. We took her into our home over the Christmas period 2 years ago. Unfortunately, one of our own cats (Zipper), took it upon himself to be Chief Judge and Jury and there was no way he was going to allow this intrusion into his domain. Nipper now is about 3 years old and lives in the hotel. Anyone in need of a companion and has a nice home to offer her, please feel free to give us a

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