Major 2015 Update

Getting running hot water to The Pussycat Hotel was no easy feat. In 2014, the pipes and hoses were connected and we had running water. However, the winter of 2014-2015 was one of the coldest on record and freezing of those pipes became a serious issue. The summer months gave us time to dig under the foundation, insulate and connect new hoses from the main house. A runoff was provided on the east side of the building for the sink to drain. We always had water leading up to the old barn but never an inside connection for hot running water. Those days are over and another major update has been completed.

What this does gives us the capability to wash dishes inside the hotel, provide a refrigerator for the storage of Insulin and canned food plus fresh water for our feline guests. Also, the cleaning of this massive structure is essential and now the task has become 100% easier year round.

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