7 Days a Week  9:00am  - 11:00am

                                 4:00pm  - 6:00pm


   NOTE: There is a $30.00 charge outside of these hours

   NOTE:  PAYMENT is DUE on DAY of PICKUP (not 1 or 2 weeks later)


NOTE: We are no longer administering Insulin injections.

Owners must provide proof of up-to-date vaccinations
We have a $2.00 charge (per day) for dispensing medication. (pills, creams)


Prior to your cat entering our hotel, you must provide proof that your pet is on a flea prevention program ( from April - October ). If you have reserved a room for your pet at our hotel and your cat is not on a flea program during these Spring, Summer and Fall months, we will administer this external treatment when you arrive. An extra $20.00 will be placed on your bill.


What to Bring 
We provide bedding, litter, litter boxes and dishes. You should provide us with sufficient amounts of your cats regular food along with written instructions. Please provide us with required medication (if any) and feel free to bring along whatever toys you prefer. Cats are required to be in carriers when they arrive.


Owners can specify whether their cat(s) will be permitted to play and socialize with the other guests.
We are in the Hotel constantly throughout the day and evening hours and those cats that have permission to socialize with other guests will be free to wander the hotel and visit and play with the other guests.
All Cats must be updated with vaccinations.


Litter boxes, scoops, food bowls and Suites are thoroughly disinfected to maintain high standards of Hygiene. Guests are able to wander the premises freely when we are present but we will never permit cats from different families to socialize freely with other cats, unless they have proof of vaccinations.







 Our King size Suite ( 8.5' x 7' x 8' ) can accomodate a family of up to 4 cats. The KING SUITE is $30.00 per day. This suite provides maximum sunshine during afternoon and evening plus climbing ramps, poles and extra large cat trees. Guests are able to explore the entire 1800 square foot hotel and mingle with the other guests, provided all vacinations are up to date.

 Our Queen suite is similar in size on the East side of the building. Sunshine is prevalent in the morning hours.


KING:   $33 per day

QUEEN: $30 per day

Our Royal Suite ( 4.5' x 7' x 8 ) can accomodate up to 2 cats and the current rate for the ROYAL SUITE is $22.00 per day for up to 2 cats. Royal Suites are private rooms separated from the other guests and boast a generous area of 40 square feet compared to the standard cage of perhaps 10 - 16 square feet in other boarding facilities. This Suite is equipped with a litter box, cat tree, shelves, scratching posts and private window. The Royal Suites are on both sides of the building and provide either morning or afternoon sun. Guests are able to explore the entire 1800 square foot hotel and mingle with the other guests, provided all vacinations are up to date.

  ROYAL SUITE: $20 per day ( 1 cat ) or $24 ( 2 cats )

  ROYAL PLUS:  $20 per day ( 1 cat ) or $24 ( 2 cats )

                            (2 Levels + Ramp)