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By reading this Liability Waiver, you hereby indemnify The Pussycat Hotel, its employees, owners, and affiliates from liability for injury, illness, or even death of your pet or pets when receiving services on - site or remotely. By allowing your pet(s) to stay at this resort you assume all of the potential risks, known or unknown, associated with boarding, and grooming. 

The Pussycat Hotel appreciates your business and your trust in our facility. We will provide your pets with a safe, clean, and enjoyable environment for the duration of their stay with our resort. However, there are a few things we need to discuss as part of our agreement to board your pet. 

The Pussycat Hotel has the right to refuse service to any person or pet, at any time, for any reason. Such reasons include, aggressiveness, special - needs, or other behaviors deemed detrimental to the general boarding environment or that pose either a risk to pets, clients, or staff members, or diminish the general boarding experience for other pets. Overtly aggressive pets may be denied outright access to our services. In addition, pets receiving services that exhibit incompatible behavior may be denied access from future services. Please understand that is not a comment on your pet’s worthiness, but merely a policy of what’s best for all concerned. Special needs pets may incur additional fees if requiring additional services or attention. 

Should attention to your pet’s health be in question, by boarding your pet, you agree to abide by, and compensate for, any veterinary care your pet should require. We will attempt to contact you prior to seeking such care, however The Pussycat Hotel has your permission via this consent to proceed with seeking and initiating veterinary care as deemed necessary for your pet. You are financially responsible for any care provided to your pet, directly by The Pussycat Hotel or through its chosen veterinary care provider. 
If you have restrictions you wish to place on this general release for care, please notify the staff at this time. 

The Pussycat Hotel will take every reasonable precautionary effort during your pets stay to protect your pet from illness, injury, weight loss, (infectious diseases), pet to pet injuries, escape, and death. Unfortunately (cats will be cats), and sometimes unexpected events can occur that result in pet injury or illness. The Pussycat Hotel is not responsible for any injury or illness that occurs while in our care that is beyond our control. For example, certain diseases are multifactorial (stress, age, vaccination status, etc) and The Pussycat Hotel cannot control all aspects of your pet’s health. Therefore, we are not responsible for any respiratory illnesses developed during or after boarding at our facility due to the multifactoral nature of these diseases. Senior pets and pets with known illnesses (non - communicable) that are boarded are at increased risk of morbidity and mortality because of concomitant factors associated with the stress of boarding. We cannot honor any 'do - not - resuscitate' requests on senior pets. 

While vaccinations are required to be current while boarding at The Pussycat Hotel, and while certain influenza vaccines are advised in boarding situations, no vaccine is 100% effective in preventing disease. The Pussycat Hotel is not liable for vaccinatable conditions, as cases can occur despite vaccination. 

Pets will sometimes exhibit behaviors unknown to the owner, brought on by the stress of boarding, the proximity to other animals or the new surroundings. Behavior that is atypical, such as compulsive behaviors (e.g. licking, chewing), may result in injury to your pet or damage to the facility. The Pussycat Hotel is not liable for injury or illness to your pet as a result of such behavioral issues. 

Similarly, pets housed together at home may not demonstrate compatibility at the pet resort. Any housemates that show signs of “cabin fever” (stress, irritability, intolerance, etc) will be separated and additional fees for separate boarding will apply. 

We reserve the right to alter or substitute a pet’s food when not provided in full by the owner. If something happens to food provided by the owner, this resort will attempt to replace like with like. Should a dietary issue (e.g. vomiting, diarrhea) arise the owner hereby gives The Pussycat Hotel permission to alter the food type, frequency, or amount to compensate for the issue if such measures are appropriate. For this reason, please be sure to list any food allergies or dietary restrictions on the animal’s intake form. 

Certain personal items (e.g a favorite toy) may be left at our hotel for your pets stay. While we will make every effort to care for these items, we cannot be held responsible for damaged or misplaced items. 



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