We have been through several Business Adventures together over the past 34 years but this was probably the most challenging one of all. The conversion of an aging structure in 2010 to a brand spanking new one started off as a slow process filled with many obstacles and extremely frustrating days and weeks. But we did find some excellent people and after four months of tearing down and rebuilding, The PussyCat Hotel was finally up and running. And what a Magnificent structure it turned out to be. 
I don't believe the rest of Canada or the United States has anything as large or as beautiful as "The PussyCat Hotel".

When Judy and I first met, we each owned and bred 20 Persian and Himalayan cats and were both members in good standing of the Canadian Cat Association. Our love for all animals turned us in many directions and after seven years of running our own Cage Free dog resort and Grooming facility from 2003 - 2010, we again went back to our first love ---- Cats.  

Everyone is invited to come out and witness for yourself ---- CANADA's Largest and most Luxurious Cat Hotel.


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Snapshot - 9.png